It was in 2006 when a colleague gave me some music videos on a hard drive. Besides the usual stuff like The Offspring etc. I found a video called “Qlimax 2003 Prophecy”. Not knowing that this video would influence my music taste and spending habits to this day, I clicked on it with zero expectations. “Boaaaah what’s going on?!” I thought to myself. What a bassline! My colleague hadn’t seen the video himself and I told him that he absolutely had to watch it.

So, I searched on YouTube for more Hardstyle videos, listened to every set on and in 2008 we went to Qlimax… I was thrilled because I have never been to something like this before! After that, I went to various festivals and bought vinyl and DJ equipment. At some point, I started listening to mainstream Hardcore as well, because Hardstyle started to change in this period (2012 onward).

However, these days, I mainly listen to Hardstyle and not so much Hardcore. Quite some good music was released in the meantime.

Hardstyle: The only genre to which I remained faithful. I could write so much more…