I first discovered Hardstyle back in 2016 when I attended a festival in Spain during the summer. At that time, I was mainly listening to EDM and House music but I happened to be at a stage during D-Block & S-Te-Fan’s set and I really enjoyed it a lot. I remember hearing Hardstyle once before, the legendary track of Brennan Heart ‘F.I.F.O.’ and that is mainly because I grew up in Qatar, a middle eastern country where Hardstyle music is non-existent.

As I have always been interested in all genres of electronic music, with my father being a Trance fan and my mother a House fan, I had as a dream to move to the Netherlands after high school and follow studies to one day make my own music events. I met Hardstyle again, right after moving here as one of my housemates at the time was listening to and producing Hardstyle. As we got along, he made me discover so many tracks and I attended my first Hardstyle event in September 2017,”The Return of Headhunterz” which made me completely fall in love with the music, and my housemate.

I listen to a lot of music, from a very young age, but no other genres gave me the feeling that Hardstyle gives me. It makes me feel part of something that I can relate to and this scene has shown me personally that no matter what, you have to remain strong, face your problems and keep your head up. Today, I couldn’t see my life without Hardstyle and I am looking forward to keep on seeing every day what this beautiful scene has to give.