Five years ago I went to my first electronic music festival in Austria. After one day of only EDM music, the Q-Dance Stage opened and I went there with my friends to check it out as one of the many stages – little did I know about Hardstyle back then. It was amazing! We got there and the crowd was so dedicated from the first second until the very last. We never left.

After this first experience, I got more and more into Harder Styles. I started listening to Hardstyle when working out to push me even further, I put on this music when I am stressed or have a bad day because it became my kind of outlet and the lyrics remind me that there is more to life. I even became an ambassador for a Harder Styles festival. The more I went to these kinds of festivals, the more people I started connecting with that have the same passion. And no matter which festival I travel to, I know I will find them at the front left of the Hardstyle stage.

We are one big community and today I am so thankful that I can say I have found some of my best friends through this music. We live up to 800 km apart but we manage to plan our festival trips together and just meet up there. I’ve gotten to know so many countries in a special way – by traveling to festivals and the people that I’ve met there. We all have a special bond. It doesn‘t matter where someone comes from or what they have done in their lives – when we listen to Hardstyle we can be who we are, forget about everything and just be in the moment together. That is what makes it so beautiful to me.