My journey began back in 2008, when Showtek was still kicking bass and Defqon still only knew Almere Strand. My best friends at the time introduced me to what would become my future. My friend showed me my first track, the Defqon.1 2006 anthem by Showtek. I remember that moment super clearly, but at the time had no idea what it would mean for my future. Two years later in 2010, we would go to our first event in NYC, Revolution 6 with Wildstylez and JDX. This event would kick off my love for the Harder Styles even more and was simply foreshadowing the future.

Meanwhile, we had already been throwing basement parties back on our town in New Jersey. Under the name “Universe 420”, parties were strictly Hard Dance, and very rarely ventured into other territory. Guests were bathed in an entirely UV lit setting, topped with custom lighting and a large speaker setup. These parties would go on for some time until I moved, and over the next few years I would be found in NYC almost weekly attending and working numerous Hard Dance events. In 2015, we decided to finally make the journey, and traveled from the US for our first Defqon.1. We entered excited and we left speechless.

Soon after, I started a project called “The Qollector”, wherein I have been searching far and wide for Hard Dance memorabilia that has been lost to time in an effort to preserve it. Since 2015, I have made the journey home 7 times. Attending Defqon.1, Qlimax, and the final Q-Base. These days, my newest venture is developing my own custom Hard Dance merchandise via 3D Printing, bringing my own ideas to life for everyone to enjoy. Forever on my wrist now, this music will always be my one true love.