Lorianne, Stasbourg, France

I first discovered Hardstyle back in 2016 when I attended a festival in Spain during the summer. At that time, I was mainly listening to EDM and House music but I happened to be at a stage during D-Block & S-Te-Fan’s set and I really enjoyed it a lot. I remember hearing Hardstyle once before,…

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Amy, New York, USA

For me Hardstyle is about the nights that turned into mornings; the strangers that turned into life long friends; the endless plane, train, bus, and car rides all across the globe; the feeling you get when you relive those blurry phone videos at the end of the night; and of course the moments of…

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Ernz, New Jersey, USA

My journey began back in 2008, when Showtek was still kicking bass and Defqon still only knew Almere Strand. My best friends at the time introduced me to what would become my future. My friend showed me my first track, the Defqon.1 2006 anthem by Showtek. I remember that moment super clearly, but…

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